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Nobody Remembers the Naysayers

Remember when the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, refused to believe that the Dark Lord had returned to cut Harry Potter open, take his blood, mix it with the bones of his father, then burst forth in a blaze of fiery magic? In a magical world of possibility, Fudge...
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Did “This Is Us” help or hurt Crock-Pot?

Disclaimer: Spoilers included in this post! After the popular NBC emotional drama “This Is Us” revealed the cause of the beloved father’s death in a highly-anticipated post-Super Bowl episode, many took to social media to voice their resentment of the brand that...
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4 Media Training Tips for Execs

“Does anyone have any questions for my answers?” – Secretary of State Henry Kissinger opening a press conference As the media environment continues to evolve and more people consume news on social media and mobile devices, the demand for content has skyrocketed. The...
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5 Takeaways from the Nat’l Communicators Summit

The National Press Club’s Communicators Summit focused on creating and delivering effective content in the era of fake news. The panel “Trust, Truth & Telling Stories” discussed what’s required of journalists, politicians, and organizations to manage credibility...
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Risky Business: The Saga of a Startup

Startups are more exposed to risk than traditional companies. Not only are startups featured heavily in tech-sector news coverage, but stories of a culture of discrimination and sexual harassment in Silicon Valley are currently under increased scrutiny by national...
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Facebook announced important changes to its newsfeed algorithm

Facebook announced important changes to its newsfeed algorithm last week. The changes prioritize consumer engagement on the platform and have important implications for brand marketing and public relations. Our digital strategists from around the world have decoded...
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